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At Syfrett, Dykes & Furr, our Panama City bus accident lawyers are committed to helping community members injured in bus accidents find compensation for their damages.

Bus accidents can lead to serious injuries or even death due to their relaxed safety measures, such as lack of seatbelts. However, many buses are operated by the government and are consequently subject to a much more complicated and involved legal process.

We view you as a person, not a faceless client. Call (850) 795-4979 for individualized and compassionate care after a serious accident.

Proving Negligence in Bus Accident Cases

When it comes to bus accidents, proving negligence is crucial in determining who should be held liable for the injuries sustained. Our experienced Panama City bus accident attorneys have a deep understanding of the legal process involved in these cases and can help you navigate through it. In order to establish negligence, we will thoroughly investigate the accident, collect evidence, and consult with experts if necessary.

Some common factors that may contribute to bus accidents include:

  • Driver error or negligence
  • Failure to properly maintain the bus
  • Defective bus parts or equipment
  • Inadequate driver training
  • Poor road conditions

By building a strong case and proving negligence, we can help you seek the compensation you deserve for your bus accident injuries, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

Who Can Be Held Liable in a Bus Accident?

One of the most important components of bus accident cases is determining who is at fault for the incident.

There are several parties who may be held liable for the crash, including:

  • Bus manufacturers
  • Bus drivers
  • Bus owners
  • Negligent third parties
  • The company in charge of maintenance
  • Municipalities

What Is Different About Filing Municipal Claims for Bus Accidents?

When a bus is owned and operated by the government, the claim process becomes more difficult. Claims against municipalities in Florida have to follow stricter guidelines. It is important to secure the legal counsel of a Panama City bus accident lawyer who is well-versed in municipal laws and guidelines to handle your case.

How Our Bus Accident Attorneys Can Help

Whether you need help negotiating a settlement with an insurance company or assistance in filing a claim against the government itself, an attorney with years of relevant experience is invaluable. It is important to us that you receive compensation for the pain, suffering, and mental anguish you were subjected to through your injury.

You deserve financial coverage for your medical expenses and lost wages. Without a Panama City bus accident attorney to navigate the deadlines and complicated laws involved in bus accident cases, you may not be able to recover these damages.

Don’t take that chance. Call (850) 795-4979 to schedule a free consultation.

Commonly Asked Questions

How Can I Receive Compensation for My Damages After an Accident?

You should seek legal assistance from an experienced Panama City bus accident lawyer. An attorney can help you negotiate settlements with insurance companies or file claims against municipalities in order to recover compensation for medical expenses and lost wages.

Are There Any Safety Measures on Buses That Could Prevent Accidents?

Safety measures such as seatbelts may help reduce injuries resulting from bus accidents. However, many buses lack these safety features which increases their risk of serious damage due to collisions or high speed turns.

What Makes Syfrett, Dykes & Furr Different from Other Bus Accident Law Firms?

At Syfrett, Dykes & Furr we view you as a person and not just another client. We provide individualized and compassionate care after serious accidents so you can receive the best possible outcome for your case.


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