Recent Case Results

At Syfrett, Dykes & Furr, our team of dedicated personal injury lawyers is committed to securing the maximum amount of compensation our clients are entitled to. Here are some of our law firm’s recent case results:

$100,000 Case Result

We recently represented a client who was injured in Panama City Beach when another driver ran a red light and hit him. Our client went to the ER and had one follow-up appointment with a local neurologist. He did no further treatment before the lawsuit. GEICO was the defendant’s insurance carrier and had a $100,000 policy limit but only offered roughly $2,500 pre-suit, which we rejected. We filed suit and during litigation, we sent our client back to his physician roughly 2 years after the accident. We then personally spoke to the physician. After hearing our arguments about the injuries and finding out that our client was a Vietnam vet, we convinced GEICO that our client would make an excellent presentation to a jury. The insurance company folded and paid us their policy limits of $100,000.

$100,000 Case Result

Our client was injured in Lynn Haven by a woman who ran a red light on Highway 77. He sustained a knee injury but never had surgery. The defense carrier offered roughly half of their policy limits and said they would pay no more. We rejected that offer and filed suit. After filing suit we hired the expert orthopedic witness the defense usually hired to represent them. Our expert (who was usually the defense expert) then examined our client and wrote an opinion stating our client needed surgery. The carrier then gave in and paid the policy limits of $100,000.

$250,000 Settlement

Our client was injured in a rear-end collision on the way to work on Highway 390 in Lynn Haven. We demanded the policy limits of $50,000 from the negligent party’s insurance carrier and they paid it. However, our client had uninsured motorist coverage with State Farm. The limits were $250,000 and we demanded the entire amount. State farm said no and offered less than half of the total. We filed suit. Prior to filing suit, however, we anticipated what State Farm would do and we hired the expert witness State Farm often hired before they had a chance. He was a well-known neurologist who was a phenomenal witness for our client. The case got close to trial. The defense attorney finally asked, “Will you take less than the $250,000 limit to settle?” We said, “No.” He said, “Ok, we will pay it.” Our client was very happy with the result of the case.

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