Wrongful Death Lawyers In Bay County Encourage Swimming Pool Owners to be Extra Cautious

Getting a swimming pool often comes with the necessity of hiring a variety of professionals such as those who install it, those who maintain it, etc. Besides the financial obligations, ownership of a pool also comes with a tremendous amount of responsibilities. Unfortunately, there are a number of accidents that can take place on a pool owner’s property, so it’s really important to protect not only your family and guests, but also yourself from litigation.

Probably the most obvious pool-related concern is of accidental drowning. For this very reason, most areas require the pool owner to adhere to strict fencing regulations. Of course, this is a precaution that can still be circumvented, and wrongful death lawyers in Bay County, FL see cases where the fence wasn’t enough to protect swimmers.

There are other kinds of accidents that are all-too common when it comes to personal swimming pools. Slip-and-fall accidents are definitely a concern when water, bare feet, and outdoor play are combined. Serious injuries also result from diving accidents, whether from a diving board or the edge of the pool. Two areas of concern that are often overlooked include the potential for both chemical burns and water-borne illnesses. Unfortunately, every one of these dangers can bring someone to a wrongful death or personal injury lawyer in Bay County, FL.

Protecting Yourself from Swimming Pool Mishaps

As a pool owner, your goal is for you, your family, and your guests to have fun. This is an excellent goal, but it does need to be tempered with some good common sense. Any accidents that happen around your pool will likely be your responsibility, both legally and emotionally, so you’re doing yourself a favor by implementing some strategies to decrease the danger.

  • Always provide supervision – Of course, this is especially important in situations that involve children or those who need assistance, but it’s really a good idea not to allow people to use the pool without being present.
  • Warn people of hazards – You know that the patio is slippery when walked on with feet fresh out of the pool. Make sure your guests know, too!
  • Keep the pool maintained – Maintaining your pool properly means that you keep things safe. From checking the chemical levels and keeping them in the right zone to being aware of cracks, chips, and sharp edges, you are protecting everyone who uses the pool.
  • Keep your insurance up-to-date – Your insurance company needs to know about the pool in order to make sure you are legally protected should a wrongful death occur on the premises.

The fact of the matter is that accidents do happen. It’s up to a pool owner to do his or her very best to limit the dangers and to be on the lookout for any warning signs that something isn’t quite right. A pool can be such a joy and create such wonderful family memories, but it is a huge responsibility. The last thing you want is for one of your guests to end up needing a Bay County wrongful death lawyer to bring a suit against you.


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