Lawnmowers Can Cut More Than Grass, So Be Careful!

Bay County accident lawyers can be a particular bunch, and we like a clean expanse of green lawn just as much as the next guy. Summer is the time to keep you yard looking its best, but lawnmowers have blades, and those blades can be dangerous. Sure, with proper use they are fairly safe, but in order to keep you and your neighbors out of harm’s way, there are some things you need to consider.

Types of Lawnmowers

Not all lawnmowers are made that same. The most common are motorized push mowers. These machines usually run on gasoline, but there are some electrical options. Be sure to store your gasoline safely, and if you ever see smoke, stop the engine immediately. With an electric mower, you will never have to worry about gasoline, but you do have to worry about the cord. If you run over it, it can be damaged and you could get quite a shock, or worse!

Riding lawnmowers are less common, but some people with large lawns prefer them. Seated in comfort, you can mow the lawn with minimal effort. While the same rules apply about gasoline and smoke as with a motorized push mower, there is another important consideration. These machines are very powerful, and wrongful death and accident lawyers in Bay County sometimes see cases involving them. Additionally, pets and children may get too close, and if they are run over by the machine, they could be severely injured.

The third and last form of mover is the manual push mower. With no motor, these are entirely person powered. These are less dangerous because there is no motor, but the blades need to be sharp, and if they are not handled with caution, could cause deep cuts.

Keeping People Safe

Here are a few tips from a Bay County accident lawyer to keep you and your neighbors safe while mowing the lawn:

  • Always check the entire lawn for debris before mowing. While animal feces can make one heck of a splatter, rocks and sticks can get into the blades and be thrown out the side chute with incredible force. You could accidentally break a window or hit a passerby.
  • Never check the blades unless the machine is completely off and/or unplugged. If you are mistaken and the power turns back on, you could lose a finger or a hand!
  • Always make sure the side discharge chute is clear before starting the mower. A jammed mower can’t operate properly.
  • Always wear shoes when cutting the lawn. This will protect you from debris as well as offer an extra barrier between you and the blade in the event of an accident.
  • Never leave a running mower unattended.
  • Be sure to wear eye protection to protect yourself from debris.

Lawnmowers are a necessity of suburban life, but they don’t have to be a danger. By following these simple tips, you can significantly reduce the chances of hurting yourself while operating one. Also, as any accident lawyer in Bay County will tell you, you are also protecting yourself from liability. If you damage a neighbor’s property or their person, you could be in big trouble. By following best practices, however, you can be sure to only cut the lawn, and nothing more.


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