Bay County Bike Accident Lawyer Says, "Bike Helmets Just Make Sense"

Bay County bike accident lawyers have witnessed a huge change in how we protect ourselves, and our children, in recent years. There was a time when everyone who rode bicycles did so with little to no head protection. Now, however, most people choose to wear bike helmets when they ride.

What is required by law varies between cities, counties, and states. In some places, it is mandatory for everyone to wear helmets while riding. In other communities, only children are required to wear them. Even though it is perfectly legal in some areas to skip the helmet, it isn’t smart to actually go without. Your brain is more delicate than most people realize.

Many people think it is OK to skip helmets because bikes don’t go all that fast. While there are some cyclists who can nearly outpace cars who would disagree, it is true that the casual cyclist tends to go at a leisurely pace. All the same, any accident could throw your body headlong into the pavement or at another object, and that speed can cause brain damage, or worse, as bike accident lawyers in Bay County see, death.

Of course, a casual bike rider isn’t the only person on the road. Bicyclists share the road with other vehicles, and those cars, trucks, and vans can zip by at incredible speeds. If you thought that you could hurt yourself by hitting something while biking, imagine something much faster, larger, and heavier hitting you.

Thankfully, there are helmets on the market that can protect your brain. These helmets, designed to reduce or even prevent injury, are relatively inexpensive. Bike accident lawyers in Bay County recommend that you do the following:

  • Make sure your helmet fits. One that is too big or too small will not provide enough protection.
  • Never wear anything under the helmet. No hats!
  • Always fasten the straps and keep it secure. Otherwise, the helmet could fly off of your head when you need it most.
  • Keep the helmet properly situated on your forehead, not tipped back.
  • Don’t bang the helmet around; treat it gently so that it maintains its structure and ability to protect you.
  • If you are in an accident, be sure to replace the helmet, as it is no longer effective. It may have damage that you can’t see, but that will give less protection in the future.

Still not convinced? Bike accident lawyers see quite a few cases in Florida where people didn’t wear helmets. It turns out that more than 60% of bicycle accident deaths are caused by head injuries. Think of it this way—your skull is hard, and your brain is soft. Your brain also has room around it as it is cushioned within the body. If your skull is stopped suddenly while in motion, your brain can keep moving, striking the skull with incredible force. This can cause permanent brain damage or death.

So, do yourself a favor and wear a helmet anytime you are on a bicycle. Be sure to require that your children and anyone riding with you also wear helmets anytime they are on a bike—even if it isn’t moving yet. Don’t wait until you need a bike accident lawyer in Bay County to make this critical, yet simple, move for safety.


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