Are You Standing up For Your Rights?

Give some thought to this scenario. You think it would never happen to you, but it does happen all the time.

A person is driving while texting. Because of the texting Joe is rear-ended. Joe has lived in Bay County all his life. He has two small children. His wife works at a local health care facility. Joe misses work, and requires a shoulder surgery after the crash. Joe’s work complains because he’s not there. His children complain because he doesn’t play with them like he used to. His spouse complains because the bills are piling up. Joe wonders if his shoulder will ever be the same.

Enter the insurance company. First arrow, Joe wasn’t really injured. He needed surgery anyway. Second arrow, if he was injured, then now he’s fine – no big deal at all. Third arrow, Joe is obviously just out for the money. Anybody who likes money is greedy and can never be trusted. Final arrow, in general, Joe is just a second class citizen because he contacted an attorney to see what his rights were.

Reality check- Joe did nothing wrong. Joe is not a second class citizen. There is nothing wrong with standing up for your rights anymore than there is something wrong with voting in an election. Somehow, someway, the insurance companies continue to paint the picture that seeking compensation for real injuries is wrong or underhanded. What IS WRONG is causing harm and then instead of owning up to it and trying to make it right, you engage in character assassination of the average Joe who NEVER asked to be hit in the first place.

Next time someone wants to bend your ear about runaway lawsuits, runaway juries, or the talk show hosts starts ranting about attorneys, please stop them and remind them that is why we have a Court system. Pursuing your rights DOES NOT MAKE YOU A SECOND CLASS CITIZEN!


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